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Senior iOS Developer

March 21, 2022

As a Senior IOS Developer, you will embark on the exciting journey of developing innovative mobile applications for one of the leading home appliances and home automation global providers. If you would like to become a part of the remote and voice command home automation systems revolution, this is the moment to put your mobile development skills at work.

 Your Responsibilities A Senior iOS Developer
  • You will have to continuously learn and work with cutting edge technologies like Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM)
  • During the building of iOS (Swift, Kotlin) mobile applications you will have to create application layers, modeling techniques, designing object-oriented components and coding algorithms
  • While actively working with the customer, you will have to proficiently analyze, design and implement their requirements
  • You will be in charge with overseeing the execution of software development from concept to testing
  • You will have to implement unit tests
  • You will be documenting software implementations and tests
  • For a correct implementation, you will have to provide and manage technical support to the client
  • As a member of a development team, you will have to participate in all processed from design to implementation, to give support and guidance, to share knowledge with other team members.
What We Expect From Your Side
  • To have a BSc degree (preferably in Computer Science / Mathematics – Informatics)
  • To demonstrate a mobile application development experience of 3+ years (iOS Swift)
  • To have software development and software design knowledge (OOP, OOD)
The Languages You Should Speak
  • English will be the main working and communication language
  • Hungarian would be a big plus
The Important Skills Needed For This Role
  • Dealing with ambiguity for we are working with new technologies and concepts
  • A creative strike in your work, in the crucial moments of mobile development
  • Establishing good peer relationships
  • Perseverance, in order to get things done done
  • Problem solving, as a key quality indicator for any complex mobile development project
  • Standing alone on managing your own tasks and time schedule
  • Strong technical learning abilities, for we are progressing really fast
 Your Life At Codespring Matters

We value your work-life balance a lot, therefore the company offers diverse possibilities to fine tune your professional and personal life:

  • The working hours are flexible
  • The justified overtime is rewarded accordingly
  • The holidays are respected and encouraged
  • Unexpected situations and events are handled with a human touch

Your health and well-being is a top priority since we are in the brain-powered business sector. At Codespring you will benefit of:

  • Private medical insurance
  • Well-being specialized treats for the body and the mind
  • Sport subscriptions for various programs and events
  • Outdoor sports team hangouts (hiking, biking, running, climbing, swimming, kayaking, sailing)

Your lifelong learning is the key to the team’s continuous development. At Codespring │ Softech you will have the chance to enjoy:

  • Specialized programming trainings as per your needs
  • In-depth software development methodologies and practices trainings
  • Certification courses and exams supported by the company
  • Soft skills trainings provided by our certified trainers
  • English classes
  • Access to our rare and very specialized library

Codespring is a growing community who gets stronger through work and common interests based relationships. That is why we support:

  • Project team logouts
  • Team buildings
  • Company days
  • Family oriented events
  • Sport events participation

Your family is important that is why we support our colleagues with specific family oriented programs:

  • New born welcome bonus and gift
  • Annual school start pack for each kid
  • Christmas gifts for children
  • Family reward on the occasion of your round anniversaries at Codespring │ Softech
  • Family events (parties, trips, gatherings)

We consider that your personality and intellectual background are highly valuable for building an ever stronger software development community at Codespring │ Softech. That is why we are open to meet you and customize your career plan with us.